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All graduates of the Executive MBA program are invited to join the alumni organization “ETH Alumni MBA-SCM.”

This alumni organization is a section of the general ETH-Alumni Association which is open to all ETH graduates. If you wish to join the “ETH Alumni MBA-SCM” section, please register first with the ETH-Alumni Association and then select the section. You will then become member of both organizations, benefiting from the services offered by both.

The purpose of the “ETH Alumni MBA-SCM” is:

  • To promote the EMBA program offered by the ETH Zurich
  • To contribute to the premium quality of the EMBA program and the high recognition of the corresponding title
  • To foster a sense of unity among the graduates
  • To offer the graduates the opportunity to build up a network for professional and personal contacts

The alumni are invited to participate free of charge in the VIP talks of the current EMBA program. Please register at , as space is limited.

Find out more at the ETH Alumni MBA-SCM website

Contact our alumni

Our alumni are a valuable source of information and our select group of alumni are happy to share their MBA experiences with you. For contact details of MBA alumni, please

Alumni success stories

How did they benefit from the program? What is their career move after the EMBA? Read our alumni stories

Anatol Zingg

A word from the President

Anatol Zingg
MBA ETH SCM’s Alumni Organisation President



Dear Alumni,

The moment all of us suspensefully began classes, uncertain about whether we would get along with our classmates, and whether all the money we were investing would have a return, seems like yesterday. By now, we have been through all those interesting classes, worked hard on case studies, profited from VIP talks, struggled through the exams, and much more work on the thesis. But all these details fade fast, at least for me.

Looking back, it’s not the hard facts which are foremost in my memory, but the emotions. The classmates. The memories of our trips. All the incredible moments together.

This shared experience is the essence of our network! The program’s Alumni organization has been established for just this: to strengthen that network and keep it strong, long after we have graduated and returned to our off-campus lives. And the more alumni join us, the more active we can be, the better and stronger our network.

So on behalf of our board, I invite you personally to become an active member, contribute your ideas and we will work together to make them a reality.

Take care, and see you soon at one of our events,


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