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The ETH MBA SCM program culminates with a Master's Thesis. For this last assignment, each student takes this opportunity to apply what they have learned to a real-life problem.

With the support of a faculty advisor, MBA candidates select a project of strategic interest to their own companies.

The time invested in the Master's Thesis is approximately 400 hours, working for 6 months off-campus but under the supervision of an ETH adviser, to produce a paper which is typically 80 - 100 pages long. This begins after all classroom work has concluded, so presence on campus is not required. During the course of problem solving and writing, students submit periodic milestone reports to their advisor. The exercise is not purely academic. Upon completion of the thesis, our MBA candidates must defend the outcome – solution and business result - in front of both faculty and classmates.

This final learning experience at ETH tests executives in procedure, method, know-how and presentation. The best thesis from each class is eligible for the Hilti award, and as the case of Till Heidemann demonstrates, the solutions have brought substantial business value to employer as well as student. Read Till Heidemann's ETH MBA Alumni Story (PDF, 127 KB)

Previous Examples of Master's Thesis topics

  • "Identifying organizational enablers for a sustainable lean transformation"
  • "Impact of current economic crisis in Southern Europe on consumer goods: An example from the healthcare consumer industry"
  • "Transformation of a humanitarian logistics organization into process driven operations"
  • "Necessary culture change for the successful implementation of production system"
  • "European network analysis optimization of logistics costs in expanding sourcing & sales markets towards Eastern Europe"
  • "Analyze the European supply chain of a medical technology company regarding cost, efficiency and risk"

See a list of Master Thesis topics (PDF, 581 KB)

Hilti Award Master's Thesis

This Award, sponsored by the Hilti Corporation is given to the best Maste'sr Thesis in the class. Read more

Portrait Till Heidemann

Till Heidemann expands Procurement Function to Business Development
Till Heidemann, German
Procurement Excellence Director
Xylem Europe GmbH
Read his alumni story (PDF, 127 KB)

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