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Study Trips are one of the highlights of the programme. Read the stories written by our students during study trips in Russia, the USA, China, and Japan.

US Study Trip 2017

Picture: Tim Durkan (CC-BY-2.0)

The MBA ETH SCM class 2016–2018 travels to Seattle for 6 days in May 2017. Six EMBA participants – David D'Silva (Indian), Michael Fürst (Swiss), Swati Jain (Indian), Shruti Srivastava (Indian), Keisuke Takiguchi (Japanese), and Marcio Moura (Brazilian) – share their experiences. 
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Russia Study Trip 2017

The MBA ETH SCM class 2016–2018 travels to Moscow for 5 days in January and February 2017. Five EMBA participants – Roger Wang (American), Iris Grünert (German), Marc Hetzer (German), Vinit Chopade (Indian), and Peter Geiger (Swiss) – share their experiences. Read their stories

Asia Study Trip 2016

The class of the ETH EMBA 2015 travels to China and Japan for 10 days in September 2016. Read the participants' stories

Matthias Syndikus

Matthias Syndikus
Head of Commercial Operations
Corning Switzerland AG
MBA ETH SCM 2011 graduate, German/Canadian

I found our study trip to the USA absolutely thrilling and from a practical supply chain know-how point of view, very relevant. The highlight of our trip was the time that we spent with the Boeing management at their production facility in Everett. WA. We were introduced to their 787 Dreamliner project and the management team was very open with us on the supply chain choices that they made and the subsequent challenges that they face in bringing the 787 to market on-time and within budget.  Over the 3 days we worked through a case study with Boeing on what they could have done differently to avoid the challenges that they face. I found the open dialog on supply chain design and monitoring to be profoundly useful.  The tour of the production facility at Everett, WA was eye opening.  To see different supply chain strategies at work for different Aircraft models, and these working harmoniously under one roof, was a lesson in the effective management of complexity.

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12.05.2017 | Marcio Moura | MBA Class 14, U.S. Study Trip

Graduation day

And finally it was Friday. A cloudy morning set the scene for our last breakfast together. Read more 

11.05.2017 | Keisuke Takiguchi | MBA Class 14, U.S. Study Trip

Supply chain of aircraft manufacturing at Boeing

Since we arrived in Seattle, we have been enjoying nice and sunny weather. But, the 4th day started with gloomy sky and the weather continued to be changeable with sporadic rain and strong wind throughout the day. With this, we were finally able to experience one thing for which Seattle is notoriously famous for, “rain”. Read more 

10.05.2017 | Shruti Srivastava | MBA Class 14, U.S. Study Trip

Visiting Paccar Trucks and The Box Maker

After attending a long lecture session in the previous day, we were looking forward to a fun and educational day ahead, up on our feet, visiting Paccar Trucks and The Box Maker. First off: a 1-hour drive from Seattle to visit the Kentworth Renton Plant, which manufactures customized Paccar trucks. Read more 

09.05.2017 | Swati Jain | MBA Class 14, U.S. Study Trip

A day at the Washington University and Costco

I found nothing, said no- one ever who visited Costco…:-) Starting at 8am in the morning, our first official day at the campus, with some people still feeling the Jetlag, it definitely wasn’t an easy start. Read more 

08.05.2017 | Michael Fürst | MBA Class 14, U.S. Study Trip

Privacy Law module at the University of Washington

Our Tuesday started with the module Privacy Law in the US and in Europe. Our professor was Ryan Calo, a very experienced professor from the University of Washington – School of Law. Read more 

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