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Study Trips are one of the highlights of the program. Read the stories written by our students during study trips in Russia, the USA, China, and Japan.

Russia Study Trip 2017

Picture: Alexander Annenkov (CC-BY-2.0)

The class of the ETH EMBA 2016 travels to Moscow for 5 days in January and February 2017. Five EMBA participants – Roger Wang (American), Iris Grünert (German), Marc Hetzer (German), Vinit Chopade (Indian), and Peter Geiger (Swiss) – share their experiences. Read their stories

Asia Study Trip 2016

The class of the ETH EMBA 2015 travels to China and Japan for 10 days in September 2016. Read the participants' stories

US Study Trip 2016

The ETH EMBA class of 2015 traveled to Seattle for 6 days in May 2016. Six participants – Jacques Nieuwland (Dutch/French), Reto Nüesch Erismann (Swiss), Maren von Platen (American/Costa Rican), Patrik Häfliger (Swiss), Konrad Gysel (Swiss) and Antonio Mock (Panamanian) – share their experiences. Read their stories

Matthias Syndikus

Matthias Syndikus
Head of Commercial Operations
Corning Switzerland AG
MBA ETH SCM 2011 graduate, German/Canadian

I found our study trip to the USA absolutely thrilling and from a practical supply chain know-how point of view, very relevant. The highlight of our trip was the time that we spent with the Boeing management at their production facility in Everett. WA. We were introduced to their 787 Dreamliner project and the management team was very open with us on the supply chain choices that they made and the subsequent challenges that they face in bringing the 787 to market on-time and within budget.  Over the 3 days we worked through a case study with Boeing on what they could have done differently to avoid the challenges that they face. I found the open dialog on supply chain design and monitoring to be profoundly useful.  The tour of the production facility at Everett, WA was eye opening.  To see different supply chain strategies at work for different Aircraft models, and these working harmoniously under one roof, was a lesson in the effective management of complexity.

Read the latest stories below:

03.02.2017 | Peter Geiger | MBA Class 14, Russia Study Trip

Last day: Lecture at Lomonosov State University

On the last day of our amazing Russia Trip we met at 09:00pm at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. After a very interesting week with presentations covering different topics such as the economic situation of Russia or the experiences of entrepreneurs in Russia; several visits to companies e.g. Pony Express, McKenzie, AT. Kearney and Technopolis, we were all ready for the last lecture. Read more 

02.02.2017 | Vinit Chopade | MBA Class 14, Russia Study Trip

Visit to Technopolis and Bolshoi

On our 4th day in Moscow, we got a chance to experience rush hour. Despite the temperature outside being around -10 degree Celsius, the momentum of the city was not deterred. Our bus was moving very slowly in the traffic and the original travel time was exceeded. However, the longer travel time was very well utilized by us: some guys managed to catch up on their sleep, while others were very restless and kept asking again and again - "Are we there yet?"   Read more 

01.02.2017 | Marc Hetzer | MBA Class 14, Russia Study Trip

Visit to Baker and McKenzie & AT Kearney

After collective breakfast we took the Moscow Metro for the first company visit. It is definitely part of the experience visiting another country to commute like the local people and dip into their daily lives. The metro in Moscow is well organized, the stations are clean and some of them are really pretty. Read more 

31.01.2017 | Iris Grünert | MBA Class 14, Russia Study Trip

Warehouse visit at Pony Express and city tour

Why time is relative and plans are not made of aluminum? Einstein must have visited Russia before he realized that time is relative. After two days of sightseeing and two days of being part of the "Doing Business in Russia" program of the Business School of Lomonosov University Moscow, one thing has become clear: plans change faster than they could be printed out. Read more 

30.01.2017 | Roger Wang | MBA Class 14, Russia Study Trip

Lomonosov & the Swiss Embassy

This is the beginning of our Russian Romance. The entire class is pumped for the first day! With the blue skies and crisp Russian winter, our first 2017 Study Trip is ready to be kicked off with a full day of activities. Read more 

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