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Prof. Stephan Wagner

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Prof. Dr. Stephan Wagner
Prof. Dr. Stephan Wagner,
Academic Director

Our Executive MBA program is focused on supply chain management.

We educate our students in the areas of general management and leadership with a truly global perspective - always in close contact with reality. Additionally, we provide in-depth studies in a subject of special interest: international supply chain management.

We are committed to offering leading-edge knowledge in all areas of management. The ETH, with its long history in university education and with its outstanding reputation, guarantees academic excellence.

But academic excellence is not our only objective. We want to go further and enable our students to master practical tools, to build social relationships and to enrich their leadership personalities. Theoretical knowledge, methodology, social skills and personal enhancement constitute the four pillars of our program.

While the ETH is responsible for academic quality, our alumni and industry partners, make sure that the curriculum covers all subjects relevant for practical success. They also open their doors for behind-the-scene company visits and real-life case studies.

Interview with Prof. Stephan Wagner, Academic Director of the MBA ETH SCM

Our MBA program was launched in 2003. Since then, it has evolved without changing its basic orientation.

We want our students to become effective business leaders in today's world. They must be able to act wisely and forcefully in the global arena. The field studies in Russia, the USA and Asia serve this purpose. Desk studies cannot replace the experience of visiting these countries and discussing business issues with managers on the spot. Facts and figures must be supplemented by a deeper understanding and empathy.

Our MBA program bears the «Executive» label because it is designed for senior managers and experienced professionals. Powerful social networks are formed where intensive interaction reinforces the learning process and broadens its scope.

With approximately 25 students, our classes are kept small to better meet individual needs and wishes and to maximize the teaching impact. A high degree of diversity regarding nationality, gender, age, profession and industry sector also contributes to an inspiring classroom atmosphere.

Our MBA program is organized for part-time study, allowing students to continue working in their jobs. The program by itself puts high demands on our students, and with the concurrent job requirements it may sometimes stretch individual limits. However, as our alumni will certainly testify, the challenge can be accepted, managed and even enjoyed.

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